Human-Centered Design Portfolio


Dance like nobody's watching

Love like you've never been hurt

Sing like nobody's listening

Live like it's heaven on earth

A girl who lives her life to its fullest and never gives up^^

A full-stack designer, an amateur photographer, a world wanderlust

Education :

Master in Design Studies

Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

MIT Media Lab (Research)



2D: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, After Effects, Premiere, Sketch, Invision

3D Modeling: Rhino, Grasshopper, Maya, SketchUp, KeyShot, AutoCAD, 3dsMax, Vray, Cinema4D, Fusion 360, Blender

Interaction: Unity, Kinect, Leap Motion, Processing, MadMapper, Eye Tracking

Fabrication: Milling, CNC, Laser cutter, 3D Scanning & Printing, Molding, 

Electronics: Electronics Design & Production, Arduino, I/O

Programming: HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, C++


Hi, I'm Yan, a User Experience and Product designer.

• Creative designer in a wide range of design fields: Human-Computer Interaction, User Experience, Product, Service, Architecture, Urban Design and AR/VR. 

• 3D media artist with deep expertise and experience in 3D modeling and rendering, animation, VR/AR, digital fabrication etc., The background in Architecture laid the foundation of my design skills and product thinking strategy.

• Young professional with the education from Harvard and MIT Media Lab. Deeply fascinated by the intersection between technology, art and design, my work seeks to push the boundaries of design and technology to create innovative solutions.

• Natural team player with very strong communication skills, accustomed to working with engineers, project managers, end-users and stakeholders. Self-motivated and dependable, able to work efficiently and reach high standards of achievement. 

Since June 2015, I have been exploring different design areas and practicing my design skills by participating and integrating into alternative living communities around the world. During this time, I have worked as a freelance designer with several startups. My specialties range from Mobile (iOS and Android), TV, Game, IoT, Wearables, Service, Architecture and AR/VR. My email is Connect me if you are interested and we can talk more!

I am looking forward to meeting you.