Human-Centered Design Portfolio
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Brainco Focus EDU Website & App Design

BrainCo was founded by a friend of mine, Bicheng Han, and their mission is to bring the brain-machine interface technology and artificial intelligence to people's daily life. It is the first Chinese team incubated by Harvard Innovation Lab and has rapidly developed into one of the ten major BMI companies in the world in just two years.

I joined the UX design team as an HCI Designer from 2016 to 2018. I designed the website and app for their two projects focusing on education: “Focus EDU” and “Focus Family”. The first launch of the products attracted more than 10,000 followers online within 2 weeks. I'm also iterating them based on user feedbacks and ideating new products in the future.

BrainCo "Focus EDU" 

The World's First Integrated Classroom System Utilizing Brain-Machine Interface and EEG Detection Technology

BrainCo Focus EDU Video


BrainCo’s Focus EDU provides the world’s first integrated solution to quantify real-time student engagement during class. By combining BrainCo’s brainwave-detecting headbands and software platform, educators can track students engagement and class attention levels on a real-time basis.

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Want to know more? Please check the website I designed: Focus EDU


BrainCo "Focus Family" 

Cultivating efficient and focused habits through neurofeedback training and cognitive psychology.

BrainCo Focus FAMILY Video


Focus FAMILY is a wearable device that can monitor, visualize and analyze brainwaves. It draws inspiration and techniques from neurofeedback training algorithms. This method improves an individual’s everyday focus level by training specific brainwave frequencies. By incorporating cognitive psychology and neurofeedback principles, Focus Family helps students enhance their abilities to focus and study efficiently. Users can track their attention scores on BrainCo’s mobile application, and play cognitive training games to test their concentration capacity.

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Want to know more? Please check the website and app I designed: Focus Family